Turbo tale

This is Poppy, the dog.  Not my dog, I’m not really a fan of dogs but I can tell you she’s well loved by the rest of the family.  Nevertheless, here’s a turbo tale from a few days ago.

Believe it or not, I apparently speak Dog.  I have even had a birthday card from Poppy in which she thanked me for speaking Dog.

A few days ago we allegedly had a conversation which was along the lines of Poppy not seeing me on my turbo trainer for quite some time.

“She’s right” I said out loud and decided to remedy that straight away, it was still quite early in the morning and before many other people were up in our house.  Poppy even said she was happy for me to use her water bowl to prop my front wheel on.  This all seemed pretty amazing so I dusted off the turbo trainer, brought my bike into the house and started to faff around getting ready for the turbo session.  This involves getting changed into my cycling shoes and padded shorts – just doesn’t seem right otherwise.

And I was off!

Yep I can tell you it felt kinda good being on the turbo for a warm-up first of all.  This is where I cycle with no resistance and maintain a fairly brisk cadence in order to get my legs warmed up.  It was while I was doing this, with my backside wriggling around and jumping up and down a little on the saddle that I saw the room tip sideways!  I can tell you this was rather disconcerting, especially as I was clipped into the pedals.  No harm done, quite a lucky escape and just grateful I didn’t have much of an audience.

Poppy smirked and promised she wouldn’t utter a word, as she sloped off back into her cage for some protection from spinning pedals and falling cyclists.

Somehow the clamping action of the turbo hadn’t worked very well with holding my bike in place.  As I took a look at it I remembered I had changed the rear wheel skewer back in the summer for some reason, the new skewer was a different design and not one that fitted the clamp.  So a bit more faffing around and I got it fixed.

And back on the bike

This was great.  I had a further 25 minutes on the turbo and I can tell you it felt really good.   Originally I was going to give myself a fair workout with increasing the resistance to  imitate uphill cycling here and there but I decided to play safe and have an uncomplicated session.

This worked.   As I plodded on with my legs spinning freely I could feel some muscle burn, a little sweat gathering.  All good.  Near the end I could feel sweat running off my temples and forehead and a little drip of sweat on the end of my nose.  I watched it fall and hit the ground.  Seconds later I could feel sweat running into my eyes, stinging both but feeling great.

My timer went, I could hear the family starting to head downstairs for breakfast, so time to pack up.

Thank you Poppy for not breathing a word to my family about me falling off!


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