Times when only a run will do

This might seem strange for a cycling blog but this morning I needed a run, instead of a bike ride.  I set off for my familiar 7.3 mile run, which is a favourite of mine.  It involves pavements, hills, muddy paths and then coming out onto the Downs through Whipsnade Woods.  In spite of light rain and blustery winds, it turned out to be full of wonders.

These are the highlights:

  • I ran up the first hill as fast as I could cycle!  This is brilliant exercise for me; a short burst of intensive running, getting me totally out of breath but only for a minute or so
  • Some of the woodland tracks had taken quite a battering lately with the rough weather and yet there were people out there working to cut back some branches.  We exchanged smiles as they stopped the chainsaw for me to pass.  Really great to see some careful management going on
  • You always know when I’ve had a great run by looking at my legs (now I don’t mean anything ambiguous or risqué there!) because they were splattered by mud and muddy water.  This, I think, is an important ingredient of a great run
  • Coast to Coast fellow cyclist Jeremy caught up with me as I ran across the Downs.  When I say “caught up” you must remember he was on his bike and that I was simply running at my normal easy pace.  We talked.  He cycled and I continued to run.  He was covered in mud and looked as if he’d had a great time on his mountain bike.  Seeing him was great and just gave me a further bit of encouragement
  • It goes without saying I had that lovely Runner’s High feeling when I got back.  All those endorphins buzzing around was giving me that real ‘feel good’ sensation

After I got back I was frogmarched up to the bathroom and instructed to have a shower.  I was muddy, sweaty and about to launch forth with recounting the run and all those utterly boring “it was an amazing run darling because……” and other things that have been heard a million times before.  Rachel saw that coming, hence me knowing why I was being directed to take a shower, I knew I had no choice.

The serious bloggy bits:

It can be useful for cyclists to take other forms of exercise.  In my case it’s running but swimming, rowing and cross trainers are always useful especially in our grim winters.

Post exercise nutrition is important as a way of replacing lost nutrients and electrolytes but also as a way of helping the body repair itself and prevent any muscle soreness.  I must get around to ordering some more Cherry Active concentrated juice but instead I decided to make a home-made smoothie with grapes, a banana and some blackberries .  For the fluid part I used part grape juice and partly water (can be too sugary all in one go).


Super healthy home made smoothie

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