The new revolutionary airless tyre

It has been said the best ideas are brilliantly simple and so obvious; you wonder why anyone hasn’t already done it.  Take these tyres for instance.  They are constructed in a way which is self-supporting i.e. no inner tube is needed.  The obvious attraction is that you don’t even need to have an inner tube which could get punctured.  No punctures means not  even needing a pump, tyre leavers, spare tubes, patches and so on.

These are being developed and made by Britek Tire and Rubber and they’re hoping to have a huge impact on the cycle industry with these tyres.  Arguably the concept or invention is not new.  Tube-less tyres have been tried before as solid rubber but these have not generally been adopted owing to fitting and handling problems, not to mention the hefty weight.

So far it looks like the MTB market for these tyres but road versions could follow, perhaps.

I can’t help but be reminded of those conversations about the ever lasting light bulb and how their presence was just too risky for the light bulb manufacturers.  Will that apply to these tyres?  Time will tell.

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  1. J says:

    These look good, do they exist as road tyres or just MTB?

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