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Hey I’ve been on the radio, talking about the local Busway! BBC 3CR had seen my blog and were hoping to interview me for about 10 minutes but I could only drop by and see them at Luton Railway station on my way to work.  So it was then I got interviewed by Iain Lee on his Breakfast Show. What’s more at least one of my friends heard me!

Just before I got interviewed live on-air by Iain Lee

Just before I got interviewed live on-air by Iain Lee

The Bus Way had been opened officially the previous day with the usual ribbon cutting and the buses were running.  So on Wednesday 25th Sept BBC Three Counties Radio were asking local people what they thought of the whole project.  It’s fair to say there are mixed views around locally!

In my piece I said I was quite impressed with the project generally but there are some shortcomings that need looking at.  I mentioned the surface being rough and we talked about the awkward barriers and I mentioned the unease I felt at the Hatters Way stretch by the bridge.  I even went as far as offering to take any Councillors or Council Officers for a cycle ride so they could experience it for themselves.  Presenter Iain Lee thought that was a great idea and suggested I chat personally to Cllr Dave Taylor, above, to invite him.  And do I did!

As it happens Cllr Taylor has been unable to come for a cycle ride but he’s done a pretty good job at defending the scheme.  I actually think he’s been quite proactive going on a live radio programme and being challenged about it – that’s not an easy thing to do but it is exactly what he has been elected to do!  I do not like it when elected members shy away from things they are responsible for!

Since then Cllr Taylor has been in touch asking for the word to be spread about cyclists riding on the Bus Way itself.  It’s dangerous and he is understandably worried about an accident waiting to happen.  We don’t want to find a cyclist has been flattened by a bus when there is a cycle track alongside.  Do I need to add anything to that?  No.

Chatting with Paul Scoins!

While I was waiting to be interviewed on air, I got talking to Paul Scoins.  Paul is one of the radio station’s reporters and we quickly got on to the subject of cycling.  I could tell he was a journalist by the flurry of questions “where are you cycling to, how far, how long does that take…..” You get the drift.  He’s a cyclist himself and seems to clock up quite a few miles as we swapped anecdotes.  So apart from being a pretty savvy political reporter, he’s also a cyclist.  That’s cool.

After all that I cycled to work through the misty raindrops.  I was feeling curious about whether any of my colleagues will have heard me…. nobody said anything…. phew. So I kept quiet about it all day long.



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