Student cycling in Exeter


Here’s my daughter in the really nice Bikeshed in Exeter, taken last weekend when I paid a visit with my mother.  Amongst other things on the visit I transported her mountain bike for use there in Exeter.

We popped in to buy a rear light and, with any luck, a single 5mm allen key so she could adjust the height of the saddle.  I looked at the tool section.  Plenty of 5mm allen keys attached to mini tool kits (the cheapest was about £8 which I thought was a bit pricey for what we needed.

Bike Shed Exeter

Bike Shed Exeter

Having caught the eye of a shop assistant I asked if they had any single allen keys in stock. He thought so and disappeared to see what he could find.  Within a couple of minutes he returned with a Z shaped double ended allen key which we could have for free!  Lots of gushing thank you’s and a plea from me to the shop to look after my poverty stricken student daughter.  We bought a rear light while we were there and all was well.

I was intrigued to know more about the shop and especially the Bike Shed theatre (can anyone tell me about it?) and check out the stocks in the shop.  Alas that’ll have to wait for another time.

Nevertheless it’s great to see such a good independent shop providing great service.  No doubt we’ll have need to go there again!

PS Just to give the shop a little character, I loved the old gold bike screwed to the outside wall.


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