Review – Shimano BR4600 brake pads

Shimano BR 4600 / R50T2 brake pads

Shimano BR 4600 / R50T2 brake pads

Time to replace brake pads and tell you about these Shimano BR4600 pads, fitted as original equipment on Tiagra and Sora brake sets.  On this occasion I’m fitting like-for-like for ease and because I know they work fine.

The Good

  • Good Shimano quality, dependable etc
  • Effective in the wet, once the rim has been wiped by the pads.  Means you don’t get instant braking but still pretty good in wet conditions
  • The dished washers mean you can have a “toed-in” effect.  This helps make the braking more effective by allowing the leading edge of the brake pad to hit the rim before the back of the pad.  The toe-in only needs to be about 1mm
  • Easy available via Amazon – click here
  • Good for several thousand normal miles of cycling

Dished washers make toe-in possible

The not so good

  • Braking performance is adequate, not outstanding
  • Wet weather conditions can cause horrible brake dust to turn into a river of dark grey slime which dries on the bike’s paint (but you just need to clean it or leave it and look cool)


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