Quick review – Park Super Patch GP2

You might wonder whether these pre-glued puncture repair patches are any good.  I have tried quite a few different brands and these are the ones I like the best : Park Tools Super Patch. 

Park Tool GP-2 glueless patches

Park Tool GP-2 glueless patches

In the grand scheme of things, we probably didn’t ought to get too excited about these this product.  It will not solve the economic crisis, bring world peace or anything like that.  Instead it’s a simple thing to keep in your bicycle repair kit.

Why?  You probably already take a spare inner tube in case you get a puncture.  What happens if, by some weird chance, you get 2, 3, 4 or even 5 punctures?  This little kit contains 6 self adhesive repair patches plus a little piece of sandpaper (to roughen the inner tube in the area of the puncture).

You get six patches and some sandpaper in each kit

You get six patches and some sandpaper in each kit

These are good and reliable and they do work.  I remember first of all I was a little dubious but to my surprise, the really do work.  In fact, being a miser, I have even used them to repair inner tubes when I have returned home, using these.

At £2.39 for just six patches, that’s 40p a patch.  Cheaper and lighter than an inner tube.  Lighter than carrying many inner tubes that probably won’t be used.

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  1. MJ Ray says:

    I’ve used these and they’re the best but similar offerings from revolution and weld tite also work well, but are smaller circular patches.

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