Personalised number plates UK?

Blogger's number plate (almost?)

Blogger’s number plate (almost?)

Very sorry everyone, I am NOT into personalised number plates but this one did catch my eye.  I was daydreaming in a traffic jam while driving to work a couple of weeks ago.

I figured BL07 could almost be BL06 which would nearly look like BLOG.  Ridiculous isn’t it?  And yet people spend heaps of money on this kind of thing: there are all kinds of problems in the world,  People are starving elsewhere, ISIS is doing dreadful things, Ebola is still a problem, there’s much unrest in the Ukraine, modern slavery still takes place and people spend money on personalised number plates.

Back to BL07 in my daydream.  In my wistful daydream the letters YMC actually became GER, so BLOG gets GER to become BLOGGER.  Just as I was wondering what having such a number plate would be like, the traffic suddenly started moving and I quickly got the shot above. I woke up and was zooming off to the office.

All very well but at least it’s not this:



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