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Specialized Sonoma cycling shoes

Specialized Sonoma cycling shoes

You might wonder what a photograph of my Specialized Sonoma cycling shoes has to do with focussing on priorities.  Well at the start of 2014 I was focussing on the Coast to Coast and everything that went with it.  Training, clocking up the miles and making sure I was ready.  Then there was getting the “kit” ready: shoes, clothing and the bike.  Back in January I was open minded about investing in some new kit in order to achieve what I wanted.

At the top of my mental list was updating my shoes for a number of reasons:

  • they’re too big, I got the wrong size (long story)
  • they’re heavy at about 1kg for the pair
  • they soak up huge amounts of water in the wet (becoming uncomfortable and even heavier)
  • do they contribute towards my tendency to get cramp in my feet?
  • they are 6 years old and the only SPD cycling shoes I’ve ever had; I can probably do better

As the winter months rolled into Spring I occasionally used to have a quick look on-line for some alternatives but nothing leapt out and said “buy me”.  The more rational way of buying a new pair of shoes is, of course, trying some on in the LBS or while on my travels and happen to pass a branch of Evans.  Again I browsed now and again but nothing really inspired me.

As I was getting close to the Coast to Coast I knew I had passed the point that I should be cycling with anything new – bike, components, food or clothing (including shoes) and happily did the epic ride wearing the Sonoma shoes with a “better the devil you know” approach.

And now?

Do I still go ahead and buy some new shoes?  Do I strive for the most efficient cycling gear to enhance my enjoyment and (modest) performance?  Well this is answered by the question “am I heading for the Tour of Britain / France / X Cycling Iconic Race?”.

The answer is no.

These shoes are far from perfect but for now they are absolutely fine.  With so much of the World in turmoil I cannot apply myself to buy a pair of cycling shoes until these are more worn out.  There is something to be said for “making do” and being content, not to mention savouring the thousands and thousands of miles I have cycled in these shoes.

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