Fancy being vegan?

I blogged about being vegan sometime ago, as it was a serious consideration.  In the end I remained a vegetarian in the interests of domestic harmony at home.

Having said that I’m always intrigued as to what life would be like if I were to be a vegan.  I wonder what I would look like, what clothes would I be wearing?  Apart from questioning about the actual clothes I’d wear, I wonder if I’d be thin.  Would I end up with different friends or lead a different lifestyle in some way?

Some people stereotype vegans in an unfair way, describing undernourished sandle-wearing hippies.  And yet like any other group of people, vegans come in all shapes and sizes.  Some might even be on the heavy side (but I think this is rather unusual) and in contrast some vegans are so thin they look rather gaunt and malnourished.  Other vegans are actually in pretty good shape.  In fact I have raced a few running races where the Vegan Runners have given me a real challenging time; clearly being vegan is no disadvantage when it comes to sport, although I think extra care is needed to ensure good nutrition is achieved.

In term of cycling, I would also have quite a dilemma about the two Brooks (leather) saddles I have.  It doesn’t matter how you look at it, a Brooks leather saddle is simply not very vegan!

Anyway, I happened to come across this excellent little article by Goodness Foods about becoming a vegan.  It’s a good read and I think it sums it up very well as an introductory step if you fancy being vegan.

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