Cycling in Spain

We’ve just had a family holiday in Spain, staying in Javea (that’s “Haa-vee-a”) and it was great to see a good number of road cyclists out and about.  I checked out a half decent bike shop where I could have hired a Specialised or Trek road bike for about 11 Euro a day.  Apparently it is mandatory to wear a helmet.  The only helmet-clad cyclists we saw were bombing along some country roads: otherwise many people were taking a risk of being fined.  I suspect this is not the top of Policing policy.

Just a few thoughts on why cycling in Spain seems so attractive:

  • The roads are pretty good on the whole, absolutely ideal for cycling
  • Traffic seemed pretty light and most unlike the crowded roads of England.  Everyone seems pretty relaxed and laid back
  • The climate at this time of year ~ late October, early November ~ is ideal.  Not too hot, not too cold
  • The terrain in our area was hilly.  Not too far away it is mountainous.  That adds up to some fantastic cycling and training opportunities.  All those strength building climbs and raised heart rate; those fast descents with fast cornering on some of the hairpin bends
  • Reasonably good sign posting: this is important for me as these days I can easily become lost!
  • You will not be alone.  There are a number of companies providing a service to tourists who want to cycle.  On browsing through some internet pages, I found references to officially organised cycle rides (with closed roads) and other events designed to promote cycling

Each one of us were quite impressed with different aspects of our little holiday.  For me it was about some good runs and excellent cycling possibilities in the future.  We have a feeling we’ll be returning to this stretch of coast which seemed lush compared to the “cowboy country” nearer towards Alicante.

These links might provide you with some further information:

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