Correct position on the road

This cyclist has adopted the correct position on the road – about 1 metre from the edge.  This allows a cyclist to be able to avoid any potholes, sunken drains through having sufficient room to be able to move to the left if he needs to.

The disadvantage is that many car drivers may view 1 metre as being a luxurious distance from the edge and may “suggest” that as they eventually overtake.

Not so with the car in the above photograph.  The car driver has overtaken the cyclist and has allowed a reasonable amount of room, though ideally it could be a little more.

What’s wrong?  What’s the problem?

Yes, while the cyclist is in a good position and the car driver has given a reasonable amount of room in over taking, it is taking place on a bend in the road and how does the car driver know if anything is coming the other way.  Chances are that on that road, two cars coming towards each other at a closing speed of 30+30=60mph, an accident is very likely.  Thankfully nothing happened in this situation.



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  1. Yes, you often hear the screetching of brakes as cars realise they have to stop for oncoming traffic.

    • Jose says:

      Two incidents this monnirg … on a roundabout, a car that was behind me, overtakes and then cuts left in front whilst hooting his horn at me. (I’m going straight on and just passing the junction he wants to get off at).Then a little later on, at another roundabout, again I’m already on the roundabout, going straight on, when a lorry driver waiting at the junction to the left looks straight at me and then sets off more or less straight at me!It’s not as though I should be invisble … daylight with a hi-viz yellow jacket with reflective stripes. I’m trying to find a different route, but there isn’t really a good alternative that doesn’t add another 5 miles to my 16 mile journey.

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