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There’s a few things to tell you about as a ‘coffee update’ but first let me remind you that I’ve been 99.9% caffeine free for the last eighteen months.  During this time I’ve been trying all kinds of different kinds of coffee to try and find the perfect cup of decaf.  To be honest I still don’t think I’ve found it yet; some have been pretty good and these are reviewed elsewhere on this blog.

I was greatly encouraged by an infographic I spotted on Twitter.  It originates from Preferred Credit Inc but was retweeted by Prof Chris Oliver who tweets as @Cyclng Surgeon and we follow each other.  While I’m on the subject of Chris Oliver, there was a really nice article on him in the Guardian where he talks about cycling across America and his own journey from obesity.

The infographic shows coffee is not all bad news but there are, nevertheless, some negative aspects to caffeine and I think these are a little underplayed in the infographic.  Nevertheless It is surprising there are actually a number of health benefits from coffee, which I was pleasantly surprised by, if these are true.  Are they?  I might look into some of these in more detail another time.

Some varied coffee over Christmas

Well it’s been nice having a reasonable break over Christmas.  We’ve had our daughters home from college and university and this has led to some precious times together.  We have all eaten well (perhaps a little over indulgent at times) and I’ve had the time to sample some coffee in an unhurried way.

First up is some absolutely awful coffee from Tesco.  This is their standard original house blend.  It costs £2.00 and is bad. Bad, bad and bad. In fact I’ve had instant coffee which is better and I suppose we can at least add it to the compost mix which I have down to a fine art.  The Tesco aroma is distant, the taste reminds me of Baldrick’s efforts with Captain Blackadder in  WW1 and this is simply bad news.  This, by the way, is when the coffee had ran out several weeks ago and Baldrick had used soil instead.  For milk powder he’s used his own dandruff and I couldn’t help think of that as I spluttered my way through.  I know exactly how Blackadder must have felt.

At home we are currently trying out some Aldi branded Alcafe Original Blend.  Now while we are Aldi fans for their general good value, which includes their periodic cycle clothing, I’m a tad disappointed, although it beats Tesco hands down.  For what it is, it’s not too bad but once again I’ve still not found the perfect cup.

Coffee in The Way

This is worthy of a blog post all of its own but I’ll give it a mention now.  The Way is our church’s Christian Community Centre in Dunstable.  After being refurbished a decent coffee bar has just opened.  Apparently a lot of effort was taken in researching different coffee bean suppliers and they’ve come up with something pretty good.  I have tried the decaf coffee, which comes pre-ground and it is perfectly acceptable (good value too).

Out of curiosity I decided to try a normal caffeinated coffee and this was top quality, lovely and smooth, rich and satisfying.  The disadvantage is that it does, of course, have caffeine in and I could certainly notice this shortly afterwards! More to follow about this.

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