Coast to Coast Results

My Coast to Coast results

My Coast to Coast results

Thought it would be worth publishing a few stats from the 2014 Coast to Coast in a Day.  This is partly so I remember myself where I came and hopefully it might be helpful to other cyclists considering this event next year: i.e. knowing what’s involved in terms of performance etc.

Organisers Open Cycling issue all cyclists with a timing chip which is attached around your wrist.  At various points one of the staff simply connects the chip with a sensor which records the time.  This is useful for getting your own results and, I suppose, helping the organisers track down any who are late coming in.

Open Country also helpfully discount the time involved getting across Lake Windermere, which in my case was 17 minutes (bit of waiting, a few minutes on the Lake).

The following table gives a breakdown of the various age groups and the average time to complete.  This includes myself in the 50s age bracket and being somewhat slower than average…..

Age Bracket Quantity Average time (hours)
Teens 4 12.09
20s 49 12.61
30s 186 12.63
40s 350 12.47
50s 132 12.73
60s 16 13.10
70s 1 10.95
Total 738 12.66

Other highlights from the 2014 Coast to Coast:

  • 757 cyclists started, 731 completed.
  • Steve Fisher (aged 42) came in first with an impressive time of 8:59
  • Joanna McClintock (aged 48) of Allen Valley Velo was the first woman in with an excellent time of 10:41
  • Mark Carvosso, from the flat lands of Norfolk took on the C2C without a working pancreas, aType 1 diabetic.
  • Tracy Tickner, was last in, in 2013 back again this year knocking 2 1/2 hours off her time.
  • Ken Smith (BMCC) 11:07 – just 70 years old and this shows we’re never too old!
  • Wayne Elliot on the fat bike – I expect most of you must have seen it
  • I burnt 5,168kj, according to Strava
  • My average speed was 13.3mph and my maximum was apparently 45.9mph
  • All the results can be found here from the Open Cycling site
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