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Ministry to Bikers: Pastor Cliff Beckett

Ministry to Bikers: Pastor Cliff Beckett

Last night I went to ‘homegroup’.  This is quite common in churches nowadays and it’s a mid week meeting arranged at someone’s home.  They’re normally fairly informal gatherings of people and there’s a load of these going on in our church.  Last night we all got handed a copy of the FIEC magazine called “together”.

I looked at the index page, saw “Ministry to Bikers” and I couldn’t help but take a look there and then, never mind my cuppa tea going cold or missing out on the biscuits being passed around.  The “then” being while everyone else was chatting about the ups and downs of life before we got started with our Bible study.  Strangely it’s not exactly a common occurrence for cycling to weave its way into church things so this was gonna be interesting as I found my way to page 26.

Then I got a dose of disappointment; I should have known, “bikers” referred to the motorbike world.  Hummmmm.  Nevertheless it was an interesting read.  It’s about Cliff Beckett, Pastor of Irby Evangelical Church getting into motorbikes and then finding this was a way of reaching out to the local biking community.  Seems a brilliant vehicle for sharing the Christian faith with others who might not get the opportunity to consider what it’s all about.  Through his efforts he connected with the Christian Motorcyclist Association which in turn has led Cliff to establish and has gone a step further and recently started a blog.  That’s cool.

Well this is all very well, good Christian greetings to a fellow believer of course – but motorcycling just ain’t cycling, is it?  I know those motorbike folk enjoy the thrill of the open road, their journeys on two wheels and their general biker scene but I’m sorry cycling under your own steam has to be more rewarding, surely?

This got me wondering about Christians who are cyclists connecting up and whether something’s going on which I have failed to spot.  There’s not much I’m afraid to say, here’s what I’ve found:

Christians in Sport – cycling UK and part of the wider organisation

International Christian Cycling Club (IC3) based in the US but with some spokes elsewhere

Freewheeling to Heaven which is a nice article at Verite, the International Sport Ministry and highlights some other possible groupings.  Fascinating and amusing to read how cycling has not always been favoured by the church.  Outrageous!

If you know of something which I’ve missed, please leave me a comment and let me (and others) know.  So here’s wishing Paul every blessing with his ministry.  Shame about the engines but never mind I think I’ll wait until in my 90s and too old for proper cycling before I go and treat myself to a Harley Davidson!!!!




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  2. mark bayman says:

    are there any christian cycling clubs in cape town,south africa ?
    mark bayman

  3. Julie says:

    Was hoping to have responses about something uk focused. Thanks for writing 😊

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