Brainy bike lights

Another interesting product I liked at the London Bike Show were the Brainy Bike Lights and I think they’re an interesting and novel approach to cycle lights.

Brainy bike light stand

Brainy bike light stand

The idea is pretty simple as a way of solving the problem of cyclists in urban areas not always being seen, despite having lights.  If the light itself is the illuminated image of a cyclist on a bicycle, it is more likely to be recognisable as a cyclist and therefore the motorist has to react.

The Brainy Bike Lights - rear and front

The Brainy Bike Lights – rear and front

I am not sure my photos really do justice to the lights themselves.  The light is nice and clean, with clear edges to the images.  The actual units seem well made, black and fairly unobtrusive when they’re not being used.  As you would expect, there are various static and flashing modes.  To keep things simple, they are sold only in pairs.

It seems the image of a cyclist is more likely to catch the eye of a motorist and quickly register that there’s a cyclist in front.  Simple as that.  I have included their website at the bottom of this post so you can take a look yourself at their evidence as to how this works. All clever stuff.  It has to be said, in my view, these lights are really best kept for the urban environment, not for those dark, quiet country lanes where a high output of eye-burning Lumens is required.

Once again it was nice meeting the owners at the show (names escape me right now) and seeing that enterprising spirit alive and kicking.  It was great chatting at the show and learning a little more about the origins of the lights.  Myself, I liken them to the emergence of cycle helmets back in the 1980s.  Although the helmets then weren’t as good as they are these days, they did at least catch the eye of motorists who would instantly go through that thought process of “cyclist – helmet – safety – make sure you pass safely” or something along those lines. It’s a similar thought process with these lights.

So there you are, another exhibitor at the show with a novel and interesting product.  They had a tiny little display stand but it was, nevertheless, attracting quite a lot of attention from folk passing by.  That, I suppose is the point, shows it works and I reckon it made a few people smile.  Would I use one myself?  Yes, sure I would but only in an urban area. Apart from something practical and workable, it’s also a little different and slightly off-beat: another reason to like them!

I promised you their website to see all of the evidence etc: Brainy Bike Lights

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