Boditrax experience

Me on the Boditrax device

Me on the Boditrax device

I have been meaning to tell you all about my Boditrax experience for a while now.  At work we have a weekly newsletter which gets published on a Tuesday afternoon and often has some kind of article about health and well-being.  One such article led me to having the Boditrax experience….

Boditrax appears to be based around a fancy weighing scale where it tells you all kinds of statistics about your weight, build etc.  The deal was that the 20 minute consultation would cost £5.00.  In the end the Boditrax representative couldn’t be there and so the consultation was carried out free of charge by a colleague in Leisure Services.  Consequently I didn’t get the complete works but it was still very interesting.

Here are my results, which I think are okay-ish:

Boditrax results

Boditrax results

I was a bit horrified at my weight – 11 stone 2 ounces.  I knew I should have trimmed by toenails beforehand.  Seriously though, that weight included my usual breakfast of gravel, fruit, two mugs of tea and a smoothie.  Still much higher than I like it to be.

Still my results were said to be pretty good “for someone of your age”.  Nevertheless it is the metabolic age which has me intrigued…..

Click here for a link to the Boditrax website which gives a little more information, confirming that my results are okay.

Actually it is the “okay” which bothers me.  The Type A personality streak in me says this isn’t acceptable, being okay isn’t good enough.  I will blog again about the medication I’m on and how tired it makes me feel; I hate the idea that I have to depend on medication to remain healthy and well.  Seems to be a fact of being 55 and one or two have suggested it’s perfectly okay because prevention is always better than a cure.  Nevertheless I’m not entirely comfortable in having a physique which is “okay”.  Am I right or wrong?

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