Banjo Nick gets a new trailer


Photo by Nick Banjo

Well it’s not often Halfords get much praise from the dedicated cycling community, so here’s an exception.  Banjo Nick recently reported that his rear bicycle wheel had three broken spokes (hardly surprising with all that weight) and he was near Halfords in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Apparently the story goes that they fixed him up with a new wheel and as Banjo Nick was investing in a trailer, this was all fixed up for him while he waited.

While Banjo Nick gets a new trailer, you might wonder what this is all about.  He’s a travelling musician (click here for my previous story) and since I met him his travels have taken him over to Ireland and back to Blighty.  This cycling is all mixed in with some busking and simply playing his banjo wherever there is a potential audience.  He’s certainly having an interesting time meeting all kinds of people along the way.

As for the latest kit, I certainly hope it serves him well.  He doesn’t ask too much from his bicycle: speed is not the purpose.  Instead it’s simply a means of being able to amble around.  If you see him and get a chance to chat, you’re in for a real treat!

For info, here’s a photo I took of him back in September on the Grand Union Canal.

Banjo Nick Rambles

Banjo Nick Rambles

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