50 reasons to be a cyclist


50 reasons to be a cyclist

50 reasons to be a cyclist

  1. It makes a statement about you, defines you.  You are not simply following the herd and driving everywhere in a steel box; instead you will be seen as independent and not afraid to make the effort
  2. An efficient means of transport.  Just imagine how many miles you can travel on the energy in a typical sandwich of, say, 500 calories – about 10 miles – maybe more?  That’s impressive.
  3. Bicycles can be beautiful objects; there is scope for considerable individuality with such a variety of bicycles
  4. People might think you’re eccentric!
  5. It sets a good example for our children.  Because I don’t want my daughters to grow up and become lazy, fat and timid
  6. Cycling often brings the best out in people; there are no guarantees with this but it normally happens, unless you’re a cheat like Lance Armstrong
  7. Cyclists tend to live longer through living a healthier lifestyle
  8. Regular cyclists are normally slim
  9. Cycling is very good cardiovascular exercise.  I think the real benefits come from cycling on a regular basis
  10. Cycling is a non weight bearing exercise.  Compared with running you won’t be pounding your knees and ankles
  11. Bicycles take up less room at home, or in car parks
  12. You don’t need a licence to ride a bike
  13. There’s no road tax, compulsary insurance or MOT tests
  14. Bicycles are simpler than anything with an engine; easier to repair
  15. You can wear Lycra or other novel clothes as required for the Tweed Run
  16. You can go on an adventure like this
  17. Cycling brings you closer to your environment, you’ll notice things more and you can enjoy your surroundings
  18. You can own several bicycles, for different purposes, or even for different days of the week
  19. Riding a bicycle easily burns 500+ calories an hour; great for steady weight loss
  20. Although your leg muscles do most of the work, muscles in your feet, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands all work together when cycling
  21. You can fall in love (a friend of mine met his wife through the CTC)
  22. Cycling is often the quickest way of getting from A to B in London and other large cities
  23. No car parking fees, parking fines
  24. You might be surprised at how much you can carry by bicycle
  25. Bicycles are quiet and don’t disturb other people
  26. Virtually pollution free.  Manufacturing a bicycle and transporting it to the end customer is small compared to getting a car into a showroom.  There’s no engine burning fossil fuel and churning out harmful exhaust gasses to pollute the environment
  27. Mentally you are brighter after a good bicycle ride.  This helps productivity in the workplace
  28. On average regular cyclists take less sick leave from their work, because they’re more healthy
  29. You can enjoy eating some chocolate without feeling guilty
  30. After a brisk and demanding bike ride, you’ll probably feel a “high” which is a bit like the Runner’s High”
  31. Bicycles are normally cheaper to buy, compared to a car
  32. You feel independent, free as the wind and that’s a nice feeling
  33. Cycling can be very satisfying and provides a sense of achievement
  34. WIthout bicycles, we wouldn’t have great events such as the Tour de France, Skyrides and others
  35. Less congestion or parking problems in urban areas
  36. Commuters on trains and who have a Brompton folding bicycle are often envied by other passengers
  37. Cycling is good for hip, knee and ankle joints
  38. Suntanned cyclists are unmistakeable – just look at their legs!  This makes people smile.
  39. You can enter challenging rides – sportives, time trials, cyclocross races, hill climbs or endurance events
  40. Cycling is something you might do as a 5 year old, right through to your 80s
  41. Bicycles last a long time and are often good for 20+ years, more if you look after it well
  42. After a good bike ride, you’ll sleep deeply.  This is so nice!
  43. You can personalise your bicycle in a fun way if you want.  My youngest daughter has a ladybird bell and lots of animal stickers on her bicycle
  44. It helps maintain your ability to balance
  45. Regular are often younger for their age.  Non cyclists, or those who lead sedentary lifestyles, seem to age faster when they get to middle age.  Women who are regular cyclists go through the menopause much later, on average, compared to those who aren’t very active.  Many people start putting on extra weight when they get to their 40s so regular cycling will help maintain a healthy weight
  46. Cycling also helps with mental health by lowering stress levels and helping reduce signs of depression or anxiety.  This should not be underestimated.
  47. You can cycle on your own or with others, whichever you like.  You can find a quiet country lane and chat for miles riding alongside each other.  Or you can be alone with your thoughts.  Both have their place in the world of cycling.
  48. Although cycling is a simple activity, you can still make it into a high-tech affair with fantastic bikes, GPS, heart rate monitors and become obsessive about nutrition.  Alternatively, you might like to maintain the simplicity of you, your bike and the open road.
  49. Cycling clubs are growing everywhere these days and seem to cater for different needs – time trials, touring, women specific and so on.  This means it can be a sociable activity and where you can enjoy support and comradeship
  50. There are some wonderful cycling blogs around so at least you can still enjoy cycling sitting in your armchair.  These include blogs from people cycling around the world, super fast racing types and ordinary people like me



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