2nd Saturday cycle ride rule

2nd Saturday cycle ride rule: when dealing with a flat tyre, always have a supply of nakd wholefoods gluten free handy

nakd banana crunch

nakd banana crunch handle bar

This is about the next nakd (handle) bar and another puncture.  It is just as well I am not superstitious in any way as I managed to get yet another flat tyre!  This year I seem totally spooked by the way my tyres attract punctures these days.  This time it is so embarrassing…..

A few days ago I fitted a new tyre to the front wheel and took time to make sure it was correctly seated down.  Then today it suddenly started to creep off the front rim, completely unexpectedly. I grabbed the tyre to stop it exploding off as the air was let out from the valve.  The inner tube seriously punctured and was easily replaced.  It seemed an ideal opportunity to have another nakd bar….

Which nakd bar will I go for?

Which nakd bar will I go for?

As you can see I have a little saddle bag but its big enough for a spare inner tube and a good choice of nakd and Trek bars.  Tough as it was, I just had to have a nakd bar to   scoff.

This time I gobbled up a Banana Crunch which is becoming one of my favourites.

What’s in the nakd banana crunch bar then?

I’m glad you asked. It is described as a “raw fruit, crunches & nut bar” and this is what it’s made of:

  • Dates 43%
  • Soya crunchies
  • Cashew nuts 15%
  • Raisons 15%
  • Banana 6%
  • Apple juice 2%
  • A hint of natural flavouring

You might wonder, as I did, about the measily 6% banana content against 43% dates and whether it would taste of anything apart from dates.  And yet it does!  You really can taste the banana alongside the date, in fact it seems a really nice blend.

I like dates and I know they are well regarded by many endurance athletes.  As I was getting ready for my last marathon, I quite often used to have a handful of dates before I set off: they’re quite easy to digest and seem to give me a sustained stream of energy.  These nakd bars are made with minimal processing, blending and pressing the ingredients together and it works well.  Dates themselves are quite filling through being rich in fibre.  They also have tannins which bring a number of protective health features, some Vitamin A and a number of other trace elements.

Again these nakd (handle) bars are quite robust in terms of surviving the saddle bag with out falling to pieces.

Come back next week to find out what the 3rd rule of Saturday cycling is!

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