Q: What is that bike? A: It’s a YikeBike

P1110546 Amongst the lovely vintage bikes in the Tweed Run of 2013 this Yikebike caught my eye – I’d never seen one of these and thought it was worth checking out.  It’s certainly novel and I couldn’t help but think “I wonder what that is like to ride, how fast, how far” and so on.  Here goes…

  • 3 models – Carbon, Synergy and Fusion
  • You don’t pedal at all as it is battery powered
  • It has a range of 14km or 8.7miles
  • It takes 20 seconds to fold down
  • Charging can take as little as 1 hour 30 minutes
  • It has built in lights (in the handlebars)
  • Watch the video – they’re incredibly manoeuvrable
  • Apparently these don’t take long to get used to
  • Using them on roads may be subject to local legislation i.e. legal or not.  I presume this man was okay riding it in public view through central London
  • They are designed and assembled in New Zealand.  The components are made in Japan, UK, USA, France, Germany and China
  • They look really great fun
  • The cost from $1995

I guess the rider (or maybe they are cyclists?) is sort of dressed for the part in terms of a modern take on tweed.  Certainly has the right image if not the Olde Worlde charm that his fellow cyclists had.  But that’s one of the great things about bicycles – the incredible variety – the different purposes and likely riders.

Click here for their website and further information.



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