Why write a cycling blog?

For a long time I have enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and I guess that led me into my own, which I also enjoy.  But why?  Why would anyone want to write a blog, or a blog about cycling?

Here’s a few thoughts:

  • Have a rant.  Some blogs are written by people who want to shout, complain and stir people up about a cause they believe in.  Or perhaps because they are naturally rude and enjoy shocking people?
  • Personal journal.  Keeping a record for anyone to read about something.  In the case of cycling, it could be about starting out as a “newby” or “noooobe” and where others can leave encouraging comments.
  • Being on a journey, which follows the point above.  A journey can literally be just that in terms of touring around, crossing a continent etc.  Or it could be about a personal journey through life (these can be fascinating)
  • To entertain with humour, or through expressing your own insight
  • Campaigning blogs can be very effective, perhaps about road safety, cycling facilities etc
  • To inform others about your area of expertise, sharing knowledge
  • Blogs are cheaper than magazines and they can have a more personal feel
  • Making money through advertising and affiliate links.  Some people can make serious money.  Myself, well I’m not anticipating early retirement at this stage!
  • Be on a mission about something you feel strongly about and want to share with the world

So, why not start your own blog – it’s fun!

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    This is one of the best article i have read under this category. Just keep on going buddy.

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