Warning light for cyclists


A few days ago I spotted a new warning light for cyclists – I hadn’t seen or ‘heard’ one of these before.

When I say ‘heard’ I mean there was an extremely annoying announcement coming from the minibus along the lines of “warning – vehicle turning left” or something like that.  It really was loud and annoying as I was stuck behind the minibus in my car and we were stationary, hence being able to take the photograph.

If you look carefully at the light on the door, it’s actually a number of super-bright LED lights and it was flashing.  Because it was so bright and flashing, it was almost impossible not to see.  There’s something about LED lights which seem to make them more visible as they come on instantly compared to ordinary bulbs.

Annoying as these things are, naturally I am very supportive of any measure to reduce the number of cyclists who reduce the number of cyclists who get squashed – or killed – when a vehicle turns left (or right if you are reading this from a country where you drive on the right hand side).  It’s because they are annoying that they are likely to be very effective.  Certainly there’s no mistaking it.

So that’s something useful out there!

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