A unique Specialized Allez

Single speed Specialized Allez

Single speed Specialized

One of my blog readers, David Stevens, has kindly sent me this photo of his Specialized Allez 2014 model which he has adapted into a single speed version.  David has added a few details of this unique bicycle within a comment he left on a review I did of the Allez – click here – to read his account.

It goes without saying that single speeds aren’t everyone’s ideal bike.  I have heard and read some serious debates on the issue with strong views being expressed.  Myself, I think there is some real attraction in the simplicity of a single speed.  Providing the terrain you cycle in doesn’t contain too many steep hills and you choose a sensible gear in the first place, I think this is a realistic option with much appeal.

David also explains “I have a 9 speed chain with a narrow/wide chainring, gearing is 42*16 for approx 70inch. To add gears all I have to do is drop on a rear mech, cable and shifter and cassette. With the n/w chainring a front guide is not needed. I sometimes drop the gears on for group rides, nine on the back, single chainring, 11/30. I fit the shifter (MTB trigger style) on a stubby, which is a little stub sticking out from the stem, just behind the bars, but 99% of the time I ride single speed”.

Thank you David for sending this through, I much appreciate it.  I bet your bike rides really nicely and those wheels must surely make quite a difference.

Some further detailed photos:



Shimano 105 chain set with narrow/wide chainring

Shimano 105 chain set with narrow/wide chainring

Excentriker bottom bracket

Excentriker bottom bracket

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5 Responses to A unique Specialized Allez

  1. Thanks. As ever, wheels make the most difference when it comes to upgrades, but the standard wheels are still pretty good . . . .

    • Update. Discovered today that on my 56 frame 42*16 is a perfect fit and does not need the Exzentricator. With 28s for tires that gives a nice all round 70 inch gear

      • doug says:

        Hi David
        That sounds a pretty good gear for most situations and it’s fortunate the chain tension is about right. So I guess you can adjust the chain tension should you change the rear sprocket for one of a different size?
        I still think it looks a really nice bike, uncluttered, uncomplicated, easy to simply get on and go

        • I would need to refit the Exzentricator if I changed to a different gear. Just now I am running it ‘pure’ with a standard Hollowtech type BB. No adjustment at all.
          Yes, very much a get on and go bike. I try to ride most every day, and a single speed is a great winter bike.

  2. Update 2. Following a great Christmas gift from my wife I have now fitted a pair of the latest design 105 brake callipers. These have the same math as direct mount brakes i believe. Well they are phenomenal. Huge upgrade. Modulation is much more progressive and ultimate power greater. Good performance in the wet too on standard pads, though they do sound abrasive when wet. Upgrading my other bikes for sure. They have a nice light pull, and I think they look cool too, always a bonus. Model number is 5800 if anyone wants to check them out.

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