UK cycling laws

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 21.13.14My friend Jon helpfully sent me a link to this interesting little blog about UK cycling laws, see below for the link.  I love its simplicity!

It usefully explains what the rule of law is in certain circumstances for cyclists.  The first is over taking cyclists and how to do it safely.

The other is about cycling two abreast, which the law allows for – motorists please take note of this.  It explains why cyclists like to do this and how it actually makes it easier for cars to overtake as they then spend less time on the wrong side of the road.  To keep things balanced, there is some exploration of why motorists become annoyed at cyclists riding two abreast,  These posts are informative and nicely written.  The astonishing thing is the level of readership and the large number of comments these two posts have received.  Considering the modest size, some 280 people have left comments and that’s amazing!

The question is, why is Jon sending this through when he claims to be a loather of cyclists?  Is he a secret wannabe cyclist after all?  Whichever, thank you Jon.

Finally, here’s the link: simply click here



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