The Jon Snow cycle effect?

We were intrigued, impressed and heartened to see evidence of so many cyclists at Channel 4’s building in Westminster, London.  Not that there were many at work last Sunday but plenty of bike locks hanging from the railings outside – presumably ready for use first thing Monday morning.

We wondered (in a not-very-serious way) if there was some kind of pecking order  going on with the cycle parking.  If you were Jon Snow or another high profile person, you could have a prime spot. Alternatively you could be resigned to locking your bike on the outside of the railing!


Perhaps this is some kind of Channel 4 fringe statement; there’s nothing on their website about cycle facilitates other than the provision of the Cycle to Work scheme.  We can certainly understand why people leave their locks there – some look very heavy and bulky to carry to and from work each day.  Besides, locked or chained to the railings must almost guarantee your spot when you arrive.

Nonetheless, bravo for Channel 4 and their employees!











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