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Cannondale Supersix Evo – review

  My friend Barry treated himself to an early Christmas present in the form of a lovely Cannondale Supersix Evo.  It’s fair to say he likes it and I must admit it’s very nice.  This is what Barry has to … Continue reading

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I’m still here!

I’m still here!  Okay so I haven’t blogged in a little while now and admittedly I’m feeling bad about this.  Plenty of things going on though. While I’m on the subject of blogging, the lack of posts might explain why … Continue reading

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Dear Harry

Dear Harry, Many thanks for giving your old bicycle to Hannah and myself.  We appreciated you thinking of us and we were certainly interested in a winter restoration project. Unfortunately things have not gone to plan.  As you know you … Continue reading

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To turbo or not, that is the question

Guest blog: below my friends Barry and Angela reflect on their experiences having borrowed my turbo trainer: With winter approaching the number of times we will be commuting to work will be tailing off, particularly for Angela, and the thoughts turned to … Continue reading

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Church picnic 2014

Our church recently had another Church Picnic and amazingly it didn’t rain!  This is turning out to be a light-hearted joke going around as during the morning service the rain was beating against the windows and we were all feeling … Continue reading

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Reflections on being a Coast to Coast wife

These epic Coast to Coast bike rides are all very well but we mustn’t forget there’s often a wife or husband or partner, support crew, family and friends all involved as well.  Here are some reflections from our friend Sarah … Continue reading

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My Coast to Coast in a Day!

It was back in October 2013 when I quickly grabbed a place on the Coast to Coast in a Day along with some of my local friends.  Since then each one of us has clocked up thousands of miles in … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast group ride

“Let’s break some speed limits” I can tell you Jeremy’s motivational words about breaking speed limits came after about 20 miles.  Yes, 20 miles and this was not brilliant timing, I thought.  It came when I was flagging on the … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast pacing

I sent to tweet out about this aid to Coast to Coast pacing which caused a bit of discussion so for the benefit of my cycling pals (and other readers) here’s a little more detail. Thanks first of all go … Continue reading

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Quick review – Whyte Suffolk

Here’s a quick real-life review of the Whyte Suffolk, 2014 model, as owned by cycling friend Barry who has a naturally brisk pace.  It is a decent, mid-priced bicycle that could be described as an all-rounder, a practical, sensible machine. … Continue reading

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Chiltern 100 aka Jeremy’s magical mystery tour

Yesterday’s ride was mapped out by my friend Jeremy who kindly leant me his Garmin to play with.  It was based on the Chiltern 100 route but had a few adaptations, making it 113 miles. One word that sums it … Continue reading

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Jonah the man on the run and C2C chit chat

Stirring start with “How Great Thou Art” at church followed by a sermon all about Jonah, described as the man on the run.  And that, he certainly was.  This in turn was followed by catching up with a few of … Continue reading

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Guest blog: John’s view of the Busway cycle track

My friend John nicely surprised me by sending me a ready made guest blog, completely out of the blue.  John is a regular user of the Luton Dunstable guided Busway as a bus passenger as he commutes to work each … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast chit chat

Recently our friends Barry and Angela came around for a bite to eat and a chit chat which before long got round to the Coast to Coast.  We actually have quite a few things in common and one of them … Continue reading

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