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Cyclists are nice people

My good friend Jon is a fantastic person to run with. We have enjoyed each other’s company on the handful of runs that we have done with each other.  We seem to agree on just about everything.  Everything, that is, … Continue reading

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Planet X journey

It is lovely to hear from fellow cyclists and to sometimes learn a little more about their own personal journey in life.  This is Dave’s new Planet X bike and one that he’s rightly proud of and as I’ve learnt … Continue reading

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Personalised number plates UK?

Very sorry everyone, I am NOT into personalised number plates but this one did catch my eye.  I was daydreaming in a traffic jam while driving to work a couple of weeks ago. I figured BL07 could almost be BL06 … Continue reading

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UKIP and cyclists

This week has seen the latest idiotic news headline concerning UKIP and cyclists.  The latest example of UKIP’s approach is from a Mr Lynton Yates (UKIP’s hopeful candidate at Charnwood in Leicestershire). Mr Lynton has apparently said “Cycles should go back … Continue reading

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Half full, or half empty?

Quite a few times recently I have been referred to as a “half full” person and I think that’s something I can take as a complement.   While being optimistic and hopeful, I believe this has some real tangible benefits … Continue reading

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How many people take prescription drugs in the UK?

Apparently almost half the adults in my age group (45-54 years) take a prescription drug and unsurprisingly this grows as age increases.  For my age group it appears men and women are very similar and this makes fascinating reading in … Continue reading

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I’m still here!

I’m still here!  Okay so I haven’t blogged in a little while now and admittedly I’m feeling bad about this.  Plenty of things going on though. While I’m on the subject of blogging, the lack of posts might explain why … Continue reading

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Why I hate my Garmin

Yesterday my friend Wallie and I met for our regular Autumn bike ride in the Cotswolds; we’ve done this for several years now.  We quite often faff around with a map, which sometimes flaps in the wind and so this … Continue reading

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Cycling or running?

“Is cycling 150 miles harder than running a marathon?” This was the question posed to me by a couple of people recently.  It intrigued me how this same question, using almost words was put to me within the space of … Continue reading

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Are these cycling withdrawal systems?

We’ve had a busy weekend and I’ve not cycled at all, so this is now seven full days without cycling and this is bad news for me.  Can’t see me cycling to work this week either as I’m needing my … Continue reading

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Aldi winter cycling clothing 2014 review

I have been fortunate in being able to take an advance look at Aldi’s 2014 winter cycling clothing range for review which is in the shops from 25th September.  For cyclists already “in the know” Aldi’s cycle clothing is regarded … Continue reading

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Church picnic 2014

Our church recently had another Church Picnic and amazingly it didn’t rain!  This is turning out to be a light-hearted joke going around as during the morning service the rain was beating against the windows and we were all feeling … Continue reading

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Focussing on priorities

  You might wonder what a photograph of my Specialized Sonoma cycling shoes has to do with focussing on priorities.  Well at the start of 2014 I was focussing on the Coast to Coast and everything that went with it. … Continue reading

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Young cyclists and endurance events – is it right?

A question recently cropped up about young people, including teenagers, as to whether they should be undertaking long endurance events?  This question is connected to the recent Coast to Coast in a Day sportive I did with some friends. To … Continue reading

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