More Strava art (and she said…..?)

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 07.43.28Following on from a recent post about Strava Art, it seems there is much around and none nicer than this romantic piece of Strava art.  A few of my friends have pointed this kind of thing out to me recently and it was actually one of my blog readers, Martin, who mailed this to me.

This is taking Strava Art, which is already is well argued as a clever form of contemporary 21st Century art, to a new level by making a marriage proposal.  It was Murphy Mack (Strava name) who in January 2014 did this particular bicycle ride around the streets of SanFrancisco in a carefully thought out route.  According to his Strava page it was a ride of 18 miles and it took him 1hr 20mins to cover this route and consumed about 749 calories.  Not bad going as I don’t suppose he was able to maintain constant cycling; most likely he needed to stop for traffic lights and the other delights of urban cycling.

While have the grid system of roads must have helped, it is intriguing how he got from the letter M to the letter E.  Now I don’t know much about Strava and even less about my Garmin Edge so I can’t explain that one.

And she said….

Nevertheless this image made me smile. I couldn’t wait to find out the answer to the question.   Even though these are complete strangers, I was delighted to read Emily said “YES! I love you!”.

Here’s the link to Murphy’s Strava page – click here


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