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I am really sorry I have not been blogging at all in January but hopefully things are looking brighter now.  You see, I have had some technical problems which is really down to me being pretty useless with the behind-the-scenes stuff but thankfully our friend Alex has come to the rescue.

Apart from my complete ignorance of WordPress we have replaced our old computer which was freezing, not responding, over heating and generally taking it’s time to the point we were losing patience.  We got it second hand over six years ago and it had been repaired a few times along the way.  So now we have a groovy super cool Apple which, although is behaving itself, is something else I’m having to learn.

My other blog is going really well and I have enjoyed doing some reviews on health food supplements and I’m pleased with an article I’ve written on some vegan friends.  Plus running is going fine.

For this blog I have some reviews in the pipeline, some information about nutrition and an account of us being really crazy in trying to make a cardboard bike.  As far as keeping fit is concerned, I’m running another marathon in May, so the training has already started and I’m planning to commute to work rather more than I did last year – it’s 22 miles each way.  A new colleague of mine is talking about cycling in so we can go for a ride after work but only when the weather improves.

So there’s a brief update for you and once again apologies for not having such a good grip.  Thanks for bearing with me and here’s to things improving for 2013!


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