Stocking up on Cherry Active


Here’s stocking up on Cherry Active, for Christmas!  Not that we are odd in our family, we have been known to give odd presents to each other for Christmas, birthdays etc.  Amongst my Christmas presents Rachel bought me a bottle of Cherry Active concentrate.  Now I know it’s not exactly a romantic gift but nevertheless it’s very welcome.

It’s all to do with preparing for the Coast to Coast challenge in June.  Rachel remembered me having this before while I was running quite intensively and I found it really helped my recovery after some of those hard runs.  As my friends are coming around on Wednesday evening with a view to working out some of the options about getting to the start line at 5.00am and so on, I thought I might alert them to this.  Mind you, I think they’re a pretty conventional bunch as far as food is concerned.  None of them are particularly into wholefoods, let alone being vegan or even a vegetarian.  They tend to be “meat and two veg and lots of it, please” fans, or at least as far as I can tell.  The only possible exception could be Robin who is very virtuous and doesn’t have tea or coffee.  I think most of us are fairly tee total as well.

Anyway, one of the reasons why I was so pleased to get this bottle of Cherry Active is that it will last me absolutely ages and is ideal for drinking after a cycle ride or a hard run when my muscles might be sore.  It helps the body repair damage and deals with all of those free radicals.  I did review this drink a while back and I now remember how good it really was, although to be completely honest I don’t count the taste amongst my favourite drinks, though its not bad at all.

And as for presents, they get wrapped in the most extraordinary of ways.  Unwrapping this bottle was almost a pass-the-parcel as it was in such a huge box, which eventually revealed the bottle as you see above.  I could almost have done with a dose of it following the effort to unwrap the packaging!


Review – Cherry Active



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