Solving leg cramps

This is all about my need in solving leg cramps. Some of my friends who I occasionally cycle with will know I am prone to getting cramp in my feet and legs.  My wife knows how I sometimes leap out of bed in the middle of the night in agony, all because of suddenly getting cramp in one or both legs.  So now I think I am making progress in solving leg cramps.

High 5 ZERO electroloyte & magnesium

High 5 ZERO electroloyte & magnesium

I bought some Zero High 5 tablets and they seems to be working by providing a supply of electrolyte and magnesium.  I have used these before but I suspect too sparingly.  I can’t claim any scientific proof that these are the solution but all other things being equal, it looks good.  That does need some qualification, however.  The variables are the climate which is getting a little warmer now and I think the coldness might be a contributing factor to getting cramp.  The other factor is that I’m gradually increasing my mileage (440 miles in the last 4 weeks).

The other things I have tried include salt, warmer socks, Brazil nuts (increased consumption!).

So these modest dissolvable fizzy tablets seem to be doing the trick.  You can get these in various outdoor-type places, sporty places or Wiggle (special offers at the time of writing – I’ll be stocking up!).

The taste is okay and if thought of as medicine it is pleasant – at least as far as the Berry flavour.  The ‘neutral’ flavour isn’t wonderful but at least they are calorie free and no sugar to rot my teeth.

This is all good news as I have been getting pretty fed up with getting cramp on every single bike ride.  Not only does it leave my muscles feeling a bit sore afterwards, it disturbs my sleep and simply has been bugging me because something is wrong that I have not solved.  I like to think of my body as being in good order all the time; I hate being ill or injured in any way.  Besides, solving this leg and feet cramp issue is good news for my fellow cyclists and my wife.


Cycling and muscle cramps

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  1. Barry Ensten says:


    We use these too – we certainly feel fresher when we use them for tides of 30 miles + (don’t bother for short rides). The cirtus flavour is quite good. Also Dysons in Dunstable stock them.

  2. Chris Edie says:

    My partner who does Ultra marathon running often in temperatures of over 30C swears by Hammer’s Electrolyte capsules. I will need to follow her example and I am plagued by cramp. Last century ride I did came to a grinding halt at 90km as my thighs were cramping so badly I eventually phoned for the cavalry (and the “I told you so” all the way home). Interestingly it may have been a case of too much water too late in that case.

    • doug says:

      Thanks Chris. I’ve just Googled “Hammer’s Electrolyte” and found it easily enough. Not cheap! Might be worth me trying this out sometime but I’m also toying with the idea of consulting a Nutritionist. If I do, I’ll be blogging about it….

  3. Doug – Adam and I have been using these regularly the past year, especially since our eating habits mean our metabolisms are keto-adapted. One of the key metabolic changes with this is that the kidneys shed water including salts (rather than retaining as on a carb-fueled diet), so mineral replacement is crucial. I used to get leg cramps at night – no more. I prefer the grapefruit flavour myself. I believe there is a version with energy/carbs = sugar? We only use ZERO, the sugar-free version.

    • doug says:

      Thanks Rebecca, that’s a welcome comment and what has surprised me is the number of people who have privately mentioned cramps to me since I posted this, perhaps more prevalent than I imagined.
      I am still warming up to have a session with a nutritionist and have found one locally, so I can add this to the list of things I want to mention.
      One day we’ll bump into each other while pedalling, Adam too!

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