Rim wear and stating the “bleedin’ obvious”

P1150757Some friends of ours asked if I could fix the hub on their daughter’s bike.  That was done without too much fuss by cleaning, greasing and replacing the correct number of 3/16th ball bearings along with adjusting the cones to ensure smooth running.  I inflated the squishy tyre to the correct pressure and the above label caught my eye:

SAFETY WARNING.  Rim MUST be replaced when the internal cavity becomes visible.

What they’re talking about is when the rim is eventually worn away by the brake pads and the rim walls fade away.  Come on now, If you saw holes appearing in the side of a rim, you’d replace it, wouldn’t you?  Is this a sign of Health & Safety gone mad?  Is it me, or is it totally over egging it?  I couldn’t help but wonder what other safety related stickers there might be on the rest of the bike….

SAFETY WARNING.  Injury may occur if the wheel is not attached correctly to the bicycle

SAFETY WARNING.  Handling may be affected if the tyres are not inflated with sufficient air.

Screenshot from Wikitionary

Screenshot from Wikitionary

Meanwhile I took a look at the Mavic rims I’m using, they have a groove on the braking surface.  When this eventually disappears, that is all the indication you need to replace the rim.  This just made me smile and yet I couldn’t help but wonder what the rest of the bike would be like…. you can make your own mind up on that point!

Mavic rim with a wear indicator

Mavic rim with a wear indicator

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2 Responses to Rim wear and stating the “bleedin’ obvious”

  1. aaaasss says:

    not really… mine has exactly the same warning label, but also have a groove… so the groove IS the cavity….

    • doug says:

      Thanks for leaving the comment. Pleased you have an indicator. My point was on the top rim there is no wear indicator and generally daft health and safety messages. So the only way you know the rim is too thin is when its completely worn through. At least the Mavic rim has an indicator.

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