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Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 07.52.42This nice bit of kit is a sample from the new dhb Performance Tri range and if you’re a general sporty type, this is worth clocking.  dhb has been building up a good range of decent cycle clothing over recent years and it’s good to see this new range of sensibly priced triathlon gear being released.  It is very respectable kit for anyone getting into triathlons which can involve a considerable investment.  I will be bringing reviews of other dhb kit over the next few weeks and I hope they’ll be useful for readers.

Before I started reviewing the more recent dhb items, I can say the dhb clothing I had bought for myself over the years has always served me well; so they are already off to a good start with me.

The Tri top



The Tri top above is from the dhb Performance range which is aimed at intermediate and enthusiast triathletes with a price tag of £23.  Not a bad price.  The range also includes tri suits, shorts, swimming gear and a wetsuit costing less than £100.  Also worth clocking there’s a parallel range for women with a specific fit and colourways.

The dhb Performance Tri Top

I tried out this sample when I took part in the MK Marathon last weekend.  On one level you could say it was risky using a new bit of kit for the first time in an event – but it did seem to have a good fit and seemed ideal for this race.  Although I took the risk, I was pretty confident I would be okay since the seams are flat and therefore unlikely to ever become ‘rub’ points.

Real life testing the dhb trip top

Real life testing the dhb trip top

As you can see, it’s designed to have a close fit.  I went for the medium size and it was just right for me, although I recommend if you’re between sizes it’s probably best to go for the next size up.  It makes sense having a good close fit to avoid getting any drag with loose clothing flapping in the breeze or simply slowing you down in the water.  The ‘tail’ is quite long and a brilliant cut for being on the bike.

The fabric is lovely.  It is by VITA and designed to be tough, smooth and stretchy, it moves with you.  Also it is UV and chlorine resistant; handy for triathletes.

The Tri top features a front zip (with a neat panel to stop chaffing) which is three quarter length.  There is a mesh panel on the back for temperature management and there are two pockets, one either side on the back.  These pockets are elasticated and fairly compact, ideal for carrying some gels.  I actually used one of the for stuffing my arm warmers in as you can see I was prepared for a chilly start in the marathon earlier this week.

Throughout the 26.2 miles, I was at the right temperature in terms of my core.  Although my hands and shoulders were a little cold to begin with, this dhb Performance Tri top kept me warm enough.  Once the sun had lifted the temperature and a few miles had been completed, I remained at a good steady temperature.  In fact I wasn’t really aware of what I was wearing, so it must have been confortable and doing its job.

I know this is a review about the dhb kit, I can’t resist slipping in that I shaved a couple of minutes off my PB in this marathon by coming in at 3:56 and having a pretty consistent pace throughout.  I am already chewing over what could be my next event: another marathon or perhaps a triathlon…… ?

This Tri top is available from Wiggle at £23 or less.  Click here for the range.

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