Review – Abus Combiflex 202 cable bike lock

There is a bewildering choice of locks on the market each with their own advantages, or disadvantages.  Some of these are seriously secure and seriously bulky, heavy and awkward – and just what any weight conscious roadie doesn’t need.



I have one of these.  Jolly useful if not the most exciting of cycling accessories but nevertheless here’s my view:

  • Lightweight at only 86g
  • Compact and easily fits in a pocket, the cable retracts into the body
  • Wiggle reviews are fairly positive as well
  • Can lock two bikes together, or one bike to a pole, or a railing etc.  Not long enough to go through both wheels unless you start dismantling the bike
  • Arguably a bit pricey at around £17.99
  • You can select your own four digit number and make it easier to remember but probably best to avoid your bank card’s PIN
  • Perfectly okay for locking your bike up in a “low risk” area (i.e. a public place where someone might get rumbled if they were cutting a bike lock off.  Not so hot in a higher risk area such as a railway station.  The cable itself is if like a brake cable with a plastic coating.  With the right tool you could probably cut the cable in a couple of seconds.
  • So, worth having in certain circumstances for sure but don’t come complaining to me if your bike has been nicked.  But it’s not bad.
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2 Responses to Review – Abus Combiflex 202 cable bike lock

  1. Dee J Harmon says:

    I use a U lock if i have to leave my bike out of my sight for any length of time. And a large cable attactch.

    • doug says:

      Very sensible Dee, especially if you’re leaving your bike in a less good place but it’s a shame you have to carry it all around with you. At least it’s better than losing your bike…..

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