Retrospective Coast to Coast thoughts

IMG_1704Here’s a few things running through my mind right now:

  • My friend Paul gave me a little reward for completing the C2C, as you can see above.  He was planning to enter the event but alas there was the need to change plans.  Nevertheless it was nice to have a handshake and receive the little gift from Paul.
  • Some of 150 mile C2C is a real blur.  It was almost as if there was so much to see, experience and pedal through it is hard to take it all in and appreciate it.  I remember some sections well and other parts are a complete blur.
  • As I said, parts I remember so well; these include the approach to Hardknott and the climb itself through some beautiful countryside which was in dappled early morning sunshine.  As it was early in the ride, I was a little apprehensive about the climbing that lay ahead.  I also remember parts of the last leg very well and one or two bits in between but I can’t pin point exactly where on the map.  This is frustrating me and I can see we’ll be heading up the M1 and M6 to try out a few of those sections again!
  • The joy of doing it with others.  This includes my friends Jeremy, Josh, Andrew and Robin.  We have all chatted about it since and enjoyed re-living it.  I met some nice cyclists at the event, each one was a pleasure to hear
  • It’s good to have something to aim for, at least this is what I find.  If I don’t have an event or a race in my diary I tend to “coast” along
  • Admiration for other cyclists: there were some who impressed me – some who were elderly and yet rode consistently and their experience showed.  None that I saw were being silly and going too fast
  • Pleased I’ve done it, what next…..?
  • I still don’t feel very fit.  That might seem a strange thing to say for someone who’s cycled 150 miles over hilly terrain and lived to tell the tale.  It really is the case, I don’t feel strong, or fast, or anything in particular.  I still feel tired in the evening after a 20+ mile bike ride during the day time
  • Although I love cycling, I am looking forward to getting back into running for the autumn as I get more “bang for my bucks” but I will, obviously, carry on cycling, blogging, having a rant and so on
  • I am tempted to participate in some other sportives over the coming months in order to remain focussed.  Suggestions are welcome…..
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5 Responses to Retrospective Coast to Coast thoughts

  1. Adam Bell says:

    If you fancy a different sort of a ride, have you thought about a night ride to the coast? Not the crowded un-organised mayhem of the Dunwhich Dynamo, but anything from 40-100 assorted riders of varying abilities, heading off from London to a morning rendezvous with a cooked breakfast at the seaside.

    Full details can be found at:

    And for a little video giving a flavour of the rides:-

    • doug says:

      Adam – I like these suggestions where there’s something a little different and unexpected! Yes this could be food for thought.
      Brings back memories of a circular through-the-night tour of the Cotswolds a few years back with a friend – done in mid summer it can be a beautiful thing to do.

      • Adam Bell says:

        I’ve been doing them since 2006, usually as one of the Tail End Charlies, although I’ve only done 1 this year. Once you get out into the countryside, there’s something magical about cycling in the dark – the whirr of the chainset, chatting with people, or gliding along in your own thoughts. Rebecca & I will be on the Whitstable ride next month……

  2. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Your “I still don’t feel very fit” comment struck a chord with me, Doug. I know that I am stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been in my life — and certainly did not suffer or struggle with the Scottish hills as I (and Adam) feared that I might — but that’s still relative. I mean, I’ve always been weak and slow and all I can say now is that I am less weak and less slow. Then again, maybe it’s an inferiority complex talking!

    At the end of the day, I suppose it’s about setting your sights on something, preparing for it as best and as realistically as you can, and then just see how you do.

    You survived C2C (150 hilly miles in one day) and enjoyed parts of it. That’s a success.

    I cycled 300 hilly miles over 8 days (plus 3 rest days) and enjoyed 99% of it — with the 1% being a mental melt-down going up Glen Shiel, though my body was willing and able enough. That’s a success too.

    That said, I’m just as tired now at the end of the work day, with no more than 15 miles in the saddle, as I was three months ago.

    Fitness is as fitness does!

    You would enjoy the FNRttC. Well, I think you would. If you’ve never done a night ride, it remains to be seen whether you fall in love with it or decide you loathe it — but this particular “organisation” (if you will) is the best / safest / most fun way to find that out!

  3. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Ah, I see you have done night rides before. 🙂

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