I have to remind myself….

I have to remind myself that every run or cycle ride is of benefit, whether it is enjoyable or not.  Not every cycle ride can be a “great ride” and be memorable for glorious whether, fantastic downhill blasts and a feeling of euphoria.

Early this morning was one of those rides.  Although I didn’t enjoy it, I’m pleased I had it as it does help keep things in perspective.  I only did 7 miles, covering one of my running routes.  I set off at 6.30am and it was very breezy and squally, grey and cold.  So cold I wish I had put my winter gloves on.  When I got back I had a hot shower and was tempted to put the central heating on but somehow that doesn’t seem the right thing to do in May.  This was the first opportunity I’d had to cycle for three or four days and I’d really been missing cycling.

I remember times when I have run and cycled in horrible conditions and people look at me as if I’m crazy.  All of those times when it has been bitterly cold, horizontal wind, sleet  or blizzard conditions have been valuable, although I have never understood why people say it’s “character building”.  I am the way I am.  Still, we perhaps have to appreciate challenging times when it is less than enjoyable to really grasp and savour the times when everything is perfect.

Every ride is valuable.  Each time there’s benefit, either physically or mentally; just getting out there no matter what.  I’ve said it before about not wanting to be 100 years old and having too many regrets about not doing things while I had the opportunity.  Just pausing to think, does this cold, hard, short ride of 7 miles count as a “great ride” in terms of blog post categories?  Yes, perhaps it does.

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  1. Graham Lynch says:

    Feeling under pressure at home and work and not feeling at my best I decided to venture out with my new mountain bike on Saturday as my other was stolen recently. Strangely, for me I don’t usually even think about taking my bike out when it’s raining. This weekend was different. I just needed to get out and ride and forget current pressures. I travelled initially to Sherwood Pines a Forestry Commission site in Notts. Not a ‘real’ mountain biker I was happy to do the adventure trail which had a few ups and downs, twists and turns. Managed to avoid the earlier downpours judging by those returning to the car park. Only had a couple of light showers to endure but did get a little muddy from the trail. Once completed decided due to the lighter nights to travel to my favourite place 10 miles down the road, Clumber Park. Love this place. A variety of steady cycle trails surrounded by pine trees where you can loose yourself in more ways than one. Pretty much had the place to myself which was great and kept dry again. Felt tired but better for the outings. Not used to riding in the wet and not the best day’s ride being a fair weather rider but it was very much needed. On a different day in sunny conditions and feeling different it may well have been a different opinion.

    • doug says:

      Thanks Graham, that’s a nice comment. Glad your bike ride worked out for you. Are you sure about only being a “fair weather” cyclist now…..?

      • Graham says:

        Thanks Doug. I’m a softy I guess. I had all the right gear with me to wear so had no excuse not to ride in the odd shower that day. I actually forgot my cycle shoes but had everything else. So the puddles and mud covered my trainers but wearing my waterproofs kept the rest of me dry. I always forget something when I go out but trust me to forget my 5-10 durable and water resistant shoes.
        A good day nonetheless. But to answer your question, I guess I’m not just a fair weather cyclists anymore! I was concerned my brand new MTB that was in showroom condition was getting splattered with mud but nice to see it scrub up well and look like new again after only its second outing. Graham.

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