Picnic bicycle

1798468_656362561092534_78782140_nI spotted this picnic bicycle on Facebook (unfortunately there is nobody it can be attributed to) and it made me smile.  Straightaway I thought I’d like one, what a great idea and full of yesteryear charm.

The whole bicycle has a certain charm, as if it has just fallen out of an Enid Blyton book and you could expect to see lashings of ginger beer.  Instead there looks as if there is some tonic water and some other soft drinks.  Just as well there’s no alcohol as it would be bad enough trying to ride home without any brakes – crikey!  We couldn’t quite work out what the bright red gadget is on the seat stay: perhaps some kind of pump or maybe you might know different?  If you look carefully there appear to be a couple of speakers in the cabinet linked to perhaps a little cassette player at the bottom – obviously ready to play Summer Time or even the Pushbike Song by Mungo Jerry?

I think I really would like one!

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