Painting over blocked drains

Yellow lines over blocked drain

Yellow lines over blocked drain

In contrast to yesterday’s post where I praised some thoughtful behaviour on a canal towpath, I thought this was worth highlighting as an appalling example of road maintenance in Central Bedfordshire.  I have noticed before examples of painting over blocked drains and thinking it was just a one-off and yet it happens more frequently nowadays.

This particular example is on Beech Road, Dunstable.  Having brought it to the attention of Central Bedfordshire Council, I regret I have had no reply and a little while ago the problem remained.  Now I know in the great scheme of things, this is a pretty trivial matter but it does highlight a few concerns:

  • Surely when work, such as painting yellow lines on roads, is inspected afterwards to make sure all is well?
  • Perhaps it would make sense of preparatory work to be carried out beforehand i.e. unblocking drains which shouldn’t be blocked in the first place?
  • Surely the Council ought to reply to my complaint about this?
  • Most importantly – if individuals and authorities cannot be trusted with small issues like this, why should they be trusted with larger, more crucial issues?
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