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New shiny Mavic Open Sport rim

New shiny Mavic Open Sport rim

Okay you will already know from the previous post that I have been in need of a new rim, following last weekend’s “mishap”.  So I collected my repaired bike from our LBS and was delighted with the price tag.  All in – that’s the cost of a new Mavic Open Sport 32h rim and rebuild – £35.00.  Wow I think that’s pretty good.

As with all newly built rims, you get a “ping, ping, ping” as the spokes settle into place when the wheel is first used.  Also some re-truing is the norm once everything has bed into place.  Having completed 27 miles today in the blistering heat of our long-awaited summer, I can see some re-truing is needed.  It was a real joy to be back on the Thorn Audax after the last 100 miles on my creaky vintage Dawes.

I also have a claim form from Hertfordshire County Council, which I can now deal with and send off.  There seems to be some divided opinion around as to whether I stand any chance of getting any money out of the Council, with most suggesting I am unlikely to succeed.  We’ll see!

Probably a good stage for me to comment on the actual rim itself – for an entry-level rim, this is pretty damn good.  In the 4,000 miles these have been used, they have given nothing but good service and remained remarkably true.  At 490 grams they are not the lightest but still not bad at all.  Also, while they are simply pinned at the join, I have never been aware of any brake judder.  I did toy with the idea of up-grading but it seemed pretty pointless as these are so good for the price.

What is disappointing is that the road defect is still there but perhaps it is awaiting a repair since I reported the problem last week.

In case you missed last week’s post, here’s the reason why I needed this new rim….


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