New Women’s Cycling Magazine

To make sure women cyclists are thoroughly on the map, if proof was ever needed, a new magazine is being launched.  Dedicated to women cyclists here in the UK it looks like they’re off to a good start.

Published by the same team that publishes Women Runners it will meet the needs of the readers with a proven formula.  It looks set to cover helpful topics like health, fitness, gear, beauty and so on.  Looks like it is set to provide good advice, guidance and inspiration to women cyclists at any level.

My guess is that while launching any new publication in these austere times is risky, the successes of women in the 2012 Olympic Games will have helped build the case for this positive development (but that’s from the cautious male perspective, sorry!).

Here’s wishing the new Women’s Cycling magazine every success (and all power to their pedals….. sorry, couldn’t resist)

Womens Cycling website: click here


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