Naked cyclists – what do you make of this?

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

Naked cyclists seem to be a newish phenomena these days and I’m not sure what to make of it.  I haven’t really been that aware until I clocked a tweet by Frances Crook, who I follow on Twitter and have considerable respect for.

On one hand you could say there could be a care-free attraction in riding naked, to enjoy cycling at it’s sensual best.  What could be better than cycling along on traffic free roads and feeling the wind in your face, hair and everywhere else?  Plus you get a more even sun tan as well, avoiding those Lycra shorts line on the tops of your legs.

And then there’s the seedy side of men and women doing this where you can’t help but ask “why?”.  Motives – are they a bit on the dodgy side?  Should the reaction of the powers-that-be differ from any other naked display?  Is it a kind of throw-back to the Flower Power generation in the 1960s or a weird kinky movement in recent times?  Is it an effective protest against oil companies where cyclists express their objection to the [indecent] exposure to all that horrible pollution?

Is it an opportunity for voyeurism where a few warped or weird people join in with a motive which is not about care free cycling?  Or is it just harmless?

Well, whichever way naked cyclists might look at the movement, we have laws about this kind of thing for all the obvious reasons.  You might ask how the authorities might approve this kind of thing – taking into account the “reasonable” request of such a group and being seen to support free speech and cycling at the same time.  On the other hand you might be wondering about how innocent bystanders might be protected against naked cyclists freewheeling past.

Have you ever come across a naked cycling event?  Would you ever take part?  Have you?  Or does it feel you with disgust, outrage that the authorities would allow such a thing?  Do you think the naked cyclists, thousands of them, should be prosecuted?



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3 Responses to Naked cyclists – what do you make of this?

  1. Rebecca Olds says:

    World Naked Bike Ride? It’s been going for years! I did London’s in 2011. Great fun – really carnival atmosphere, lots of body paint, feather headdresses, you name it, everybody very nice, tourists loved it (especially the Japanese). The ONLY weirdness was in Hyde Park where we were supposed to prepare (not just undressing but donning costumes, applying slogans, etc) where unfortunately there were a few middle aged men in overcoats with big cameras lingering and loitering. Our group made rings for privacy with one person at a time in the middle getting ready. I pity anyone trying to get themselves ready on their own. Police were very helpful — all very professional and good fun. I suspect problems that get reported are usually more to do with attitudes of those NOT participating, rather than inappropriate behaviour by participants. Although I hear that this year there was one guy…. !!

    Don’t believe me? 🙂

    See, it’s not all 100% nudity.

    I tried everything that first full year cycling: the WNBR, Tweed Run, Dunwich Dynamo, audaxing, Brompton World Championships…

  2. Rebecca Olds says:

    I remember checking the legal position before participating in 2011 and it hasn’t changed. Best explanation of UK law on this is here:

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