London Tweed Run 2013 – photos

Tweed Run 2013


We were in London today and unexpectedly came across those frightfully well dressed cyclists taking part in the Tweed Run 2013.  I had vaguely heard of this before but never actually seen it in action.

The idea is that a bunch of cyclists, turned out in their tweeds and ride around London together to have some fun.  If it can be done on a vintage bicycle, so much the better.  Without doubt there must have been a few handlebar moustaches amongst those splendid dapper ladies and gentlemen and we were terribly impressed, what oh.

Other people were impressed too.  As I was taking these photographs a tourist asked me what was going on and how long she’d need to wait to cross the road.  With that one of the marshals called out “Tally ho chaps, move along!  There’s some people wanting to cross the road, oh thank you for waiting for us”.  The tourist was, I think, tickled pink and possibly thinks this kind of thing happens all the time.

I think this is a brilliant event and it gives a chance for people to bring out their more sedate bikes and wear something other than Lycra.  Some of the bicycles were very impressive and looked cherrished.  Some were very much the part with their gleaming chrome wheels and heavy weight steel frames, bringing an air of class to the procession.  Some people clapped but most smiled as this terribly British scene pass by.

Why not take a look at their website – click here – you need to book a place if you want to take part next year.




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