Life without caffeine

Life without caffeine

Life without caffeine

It is now about five weeks since I decided to try life without caffeine and its been an interesting experience.  At first I was a little apprehensive and wondered how I would get on.  To be completely honest, in the first few days it was noticeable something was missing but happily things have settled down now.

I remember feeling a little different, a kind of light headiness perhaps.  I also thought my sense of balance had been affected.  Also I remember really missing a nice cuppa at different times in the day when ordinarily I would enjoy a cup of tea or a coffee.  With this in mind Rachel suggested decaf and went rummaging in the kitchen before finding a box of seldom used decaf teabags.  I tried a cup and it wasn’t bad but of course it wasn’t quite the same as the tea I was used to.  I have progressed on to having some decaf coffee too.  Mind you, I still can’t stand the thought of ‘instant’ coffee.

The strange thing about life without caffeine nowadays is people’s surprise when I decline a drink unless it’s decaf. This has occurred mostly at work as a few of us have a good system going on to ensure we’re all supplied with regular cups of tea or coffee.  There have, however, been a few times when I’ve not had decaf and the results have been interesting; this is right from the diuretic effect happening with a made dash to the toilet through to absolutely no effect at all.

I do miss a decent cup of tea or coffee but there are no real worries.  I miss how I used to enjoy it and think I can gradually have some more soon.  What either concerns, or amuses me, is thinking of how many years ago I gave up smoking and drinking.  Some years ago  I gave up eating meat by becoming a vegetarian and knocking caffeine out seems a radical step, possibly a step too far to be completely caffeine free?

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  1. Dee says:

    Any decaf stuff still has cafeen in it its just a low enough level to get away with calling it decaf. There has been tests to find the cafeen isn’t completely gone. That’s why they call it decaffinated and not cafeen free like some sodas. My problem is to much sugar. Regards Dee

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