At least cycling into work was great….

Yesterday did not go to plan.  At least cycling into work yesterday was great, simply great.  Cycling home was nice too.  Here’s why….

It was one of those lovely cool, sunny, slightly misty mornings.  Cool enough for an extra layer and the need to wear either gloves of mitts (still wore a pair of shorts).  First few miles on the Luton Dunstable bus way cycle track were fine, then out passed Luton airport to those nice country lanes all the way to Stevenage, or St Evenage if you’re posh.

I felt so utterly ALIVE when I got to the office and almost disappointed I didn’t have a few more miles to do.  No matter, time to take a shower and get myself geared up for the day. The office shower is slow in warming up, goodness knows where the hot water tank is in the building, must be miles away if judging the length of time it takes to warm up.  And then I sat at my desk, managed to remember my passcode; this was when my problems began – I had left my work bag at home!  It contained my notepad (lots of lists, notes etc which I really needed), my work phone and my work iPad, ID badge and so on.  Disaster!  I tried calling home to check they were there as I would have to report a the loss immediately otherwise but everyone was out.  I got the message a little later my notepad was there, so that probably meant everything else was at home.  It was, phew.  Nevertheless I had plenty of other things to crack on with.

My friend Barry, who never misses a trick, had clocked my ride on Strava and then alerted me to the probable chaos around Luton airport as it had been evacuated.  That was thoughtful, thank you.  As it happens I was planning on taking a wider, longer route home and this news confirmed it.  It was amazing, I thought, as I cycled home through those timeless little country lanes, how peaceful and quiet everything was.  Astonishing to think I was only 30 miles from London.

I do cherish these rides home; they’re not fast.  Instead they tend to be ambling my way as I mull over the day and reflect on things.  I have said before that cycling is reflective and running brings out my imagination more.  This is so true as I do both and they both have their value.  I do need to blog more, I notice the stats are creeping down a little nowadays.  So much to tell you about soon….

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