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Unfortunately I couldn’t make the last Luton & Dunstable Cycle Forum’s meeting for the latest Busway news.  This was a real shame as it seems there was an interesting discussion and the very latest news on the Busway developments have now come out.  Credit really goes to the Forum for this news, not me, I’m simply relaying it along with a number of other people.

My daughter found the rough service unpleasant on her road bike

My daughter found the rough service unpleasant on her road bike

Here’s the news, direct from the Forum’s Facebook page:

The Cycling Forum is very pleased to note the additional Government funding awarded as part of a package to

  • Improve employment opportunities linked to upgrading the Busway.
  • Some of this money will be used to provide 3 new bus stops and add 5 new pedestrian/cycle links (subject to consultation).
  • The A-frame barriers will start to be removed – the first to go will be at White Lion Retail park where chicanes will be installed.
  • In addition, the funding will pay for the shared use path to be resurfaced with tarmac. This will take place this year. We’re hoping there will also be some money left over for some solar lights to be installed.

This is all very interesting.  What has surprised me is the news of tarmac being laid, presumably along the entire length.  Ironically many cyclists, myself included, complained bitterly when the cycle track was opened.  We were all complaining about the excessively rough surface owing to the “crushed limestone” material used.  This has since “matured” from being very rough, hard going and far too stony, into a track which is mostly gritty and ideal in freezing winter months.

Stark divide between smooth tarmac and a rough stony surface

Stark divide between smooth tarmac and a rough stony surface

While I dare wonder if the planners, commissioners, surveyors, contractors etc might have been right all along, it could have been helped with some more explanation from the “powers that be” that the surface would improve as it has done.

The other improvements to the access points, including the removal of those dreadful A-frames are very welcome.  Additional bus stops will almost certainly help local people.

My thanks to all of the fellow Luton & Dunstable Cycle Forum of all they do for the cycling cause.  One of the things that make it work is the good relationship which exists with the local authorities.  It would be all too easy for such a relationship to be hostile, complaining, antagonistic.  Instead it appears there’s a good dialogue and, I sense, a good deal of respect for each other.  This is a credit to both sides i.e. the local authorities and the Forum.

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