Lands’ End performance clothing

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-08-03-05In our house we have been fans of Lands’ End clothing since the late twentieth century.  We generally buy polo shirts, formal shirts and jeans from Lands’ End as they are brilliant quality, fair prices and unbeatable customer service.  They are an American company and have been trading here in the UK for many, many years.

img_7498When I spotted a sporty range added on their website I was keen to take a look and try something out.  I’ll tell you more about what I thought below.  In the meantime there’s a separate range for men and women.  It’s not a very wide range, perhaps Lands’ End are dipping their toes in the market to see what happens before a bigger investment is made?

For men their range consists of a few tee shirts and polo shirts in technical fabric, some cotton jogging bottoms and shorts, hoodies and, most interestingly some compression clothing.  For women the range is wider (isn’t this always the case!) and additionally has some footwear, sports bras and some very snazzy looking running leggings.

The shorts I bought

img_7499In wanting to try the range out, I thought I’d invest in a pair of shorts.  They cost £35 which is the standard price and I didn’t manage to get a discount.

As always they arrived in hardly any time at all and I gave them a good checking over.  As you would expect, their construction was impeccable and the material(s) were very nice with a little stretch built in.  They were certainly well made.


The not so good bits are:

  • they have a fly.  By that I mean a zip at the front.  This is all very well for the practical call of nature but not what you expect on some sports shorts.
  • there was no liner.  By this I mean a mesh liner to keep yourself comfortable and where needed a little extra modesty when lying on your back doing some leg stretches and so on.  After all no one wants to give a fellow gym user any kind of a fright.  This omission was a great disappointment.

The best kind of liner are made from bamboo fibres and they are so comfortable.  Naturally moisture wicking and lightweight.  Some light you never know it’s there.

I did wear them once to the gym.  They do stretch nicely and they are quite smart, if you like black.

So I have decided to send them back.  The great thing about Lands” End is their no-quibble money back guarantee for whatever reason.  There’s no time limit at all.  Having bought all kinds of clothing, coats and footwear from Lands’ End over the years I can tell you they really do live up to their promise.  Just as well as I’m sorry, on this occasion these shorts are not for me.

As for the other items in their range, we’ll see what happens….


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