iPhone 5c review

New iPhone 5C

New iPhone 5C

I know this iPhone 5c review is a bit of a departure away from more explicit cycle related reviews, however, this does have a connection and I think it’s worth a mention.  The iPhone 5C is a big step for me and I absolutely love it.  Here’s why (see below second photo for more details):

  • My old Motorola phone is getting a bit “long in the tooth” having bought it second hand in 2006.
  • An iPhone, through adding applications is incredibly versatile in terms of what it can do.
  • It solves the problem of being tempted to buy a Garmin (GPS watch for running), a new satnav for the car and a new camera.  Never mind a new this, new that etc.  All these devices, and more, in one neat package.
  • I already have an Apple computer, so now everything syncs beautifully
My new iPhone alongside the Motorola

My new iPhone alongside the Motorola

And some of my first impressions and other thoughts….

  • My wife and daughters each have iPhone 3s so now it is easy to keep track of each other via ‘Find Friends’
  • I got it from an Apple store.  They set it up for you, just as you want.  It  even came with the battery 70% charged, more than enough to get set up in the shop and have a little play on the way home.  I got it on a Saturday afternoon and they were seriously busy so another customer and I shared the Apple employee as she took us through set up together.  Ideally I would have liked a little more 1:1 attention but then arguably I was expecting too much on their busiest time
  • I love the earbuds.  They sound good and are a very good design although they do appear to resemble Barbie’s hair dryer.  Through the thoughtful design, the “speaker” points the right way in your ear but you need to quickly get into the habit of knowing the L and R shape.  There is also an in-line control for volume and pause, plus a microphone for voice memos, talking to Siri and the telephone
  • I like the blue plastic body and prefer it to the 4 or 5S.  It is so rigid it doesn’t feel like plastic.  Nice and slim and smooth.  It comes with a choice of other colours to suit your personal choice.  Some people imply this new iPhone is aimed at a younger customer group who enjoy a more colourful world.  It goes on to imply the 5s is aimed at a more mature and sophisticated market.  Maybe it is but who cares?  Who cares if 50 somethings buy colourful iPhones?
  • It appears very strong and incredibly well made.
  • I loathe the box it came in (Apple like the tactile qualities; this time it is naff)
  • I also loathe the pretentious video on the Apple website where some big cheese waffles on about the concept and the “experience”.  Oh man…. don’t spoil it, please!
  • It’s very user-friendly and logical, once you’re acquainted with the Apple approach
  • The staff at the Apple store give a brilliant service, explaining and showing you how to use it
  • Seems as future-proof as it can possibly be
  • Siri (the voice command feature) and I are getting to know each other and it seem quite good until you ask some personal questions.  My daughters have been asking how old he is, does he have a girlfriend etc.  Hilarious!
  • The battery life seems great which is what I need as a cyclist.  When I go on long rides with GPS enabled, I want to know where I am, take photos throughout the day and be able to review the stats when I get home.  So far so good.
  • First book I got from the iBook store is the user guide – free!  Second book – the Bible
  • The camera is worth a mention.  It is okay.  Nice sharp pictures, effects to choose and some different formats.  The formats include a panoramic feature which really does work!  You don’t have to take a series of pictures and stitch them together afterwards, this does it all for you – brilliant!  Only snag is, the scene really needs to be a similar brightness from one end to the other as it does NOT apparently adjust the exposure seamlessly through the whole scene.  Still amazing though!

I am probably going to be required to “eat my words” as I have said in the past I’ll never get one of these things to go running and cycling with.  How wrong I was!

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