When I (almost) met Mike Burrows

Recently we went over to Norfolk for the day as my youngest daughter was in a Kayak K2 race (and they won!).  Before we came home we paid a visit to Toni, a family friend.   It was there I caught a glimpse and when I (almost) met Mike Burrows, famous as an innovative bicycle designer as he lives next door to Toni.

Mike Burrows hide out

Mike Burrows hide out

The nearest I actually got was seeing him walk right by the back door, as there is a kind of communial pathway which runs along the back of a row of cottages, separating the buildings from their back gardens.  He actually stopped and said “hello” to Poppy, our little fluffy dog who was conveniently in the way.

Toni explained he was a famous bicycle designer of some kind, not really knowing much more other than his favourite bike is a recumbent, with a little flag on the back.  As she mentioned this, his name did seem familiar and therefore I couldn’t resist Googling him.

You can see, in the above photograph which is taken from Toni’s back door, a possible kind of shed-come-workshop in his back garden.  That’s as near I got to the great man!

You can check out the following links to see why he’s so notable in the bicycle world….

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