Guest blog – 5 Best places to go cycling in India

I am very pleased in introduce Rohit Agarwal as guest blogger.  Here he blogs about cycling in India:

5 Best Places to Go Cycling in India

Be it an adventure enthusiast or a common Joe, there is no one who can resist a cycling ride enjoying the weather, breeze and the peace, provided it is not through traffic-jammed roads but away in some picturesque surroundings. There are many places in India which are apt for cycling for all some cycling routes are just for those who like the rough ride.

Here are 5 places in India where you can enjoy some simple to tough biking rides.

1. Ladakh 

Photo by Margarita, CC BY-SA 2.0

It is truly the dream destination for any bikers. Of course, the rugged trails and the rough weather can be a little tricky and this is a cycling destination for expert bikers. Those who just want to enjoy a simple and short ride can experience that as well. With such a beautiful nature, mountains, elegant monasteries, picturesque lakes and more, Ladakh offers many choices for cyclists. Though there are many popular routes, the Leh to Khardung La is one of the best.

2. Kerala

Photo by Kerala Tourism, CC BY-SA 2.0

Though known for its backwaters and coconut plantations, Kerala is also a biker’s paradise. With its pristine beaches, and green fields, a biking ride through the state can satiate your soul. There are many biking routes in Kerala but one of the best ones is from Cochin to the Ghats in South. This trip is thrilling not just for the ride but for the wildlife spotting as well along with tea and rubber plantations. The ride from Kochi to Allappuzha can be undertaken by anyone as the ride is quite easy.

3. Rajasthan

Photo by Evonne, CC BY 2.0

Anything in Rajasthan is amazing be it a walk, a drive or a ride. A best cycling experience can be derived when you can cycle on the desert highway. It is a moderate level ride but thrilling and fun at the same time. Another popular cycling route is from Udaipur to Jodhpur during which you come across the majestic forts, the historical monuments, the opulent palaces, sand dunes and more. You also pass through some beautiful Jain temples and lovely villages on your way. The route takes around 10 days. The route from Jaipur to Jaisalmer is another thrilling route and it can be undertaken in the winter months, from October to February.

4. Himachal Pradesh

Photo by Srinivasan G, CC BY-SA 2.0

The terrains of Himachal Pradesh offer challenging biking routes. One popular route for cyclists is from Manali to Nako, covering a distance of around 320 km and which takes around 10 days.  From the picturesque and cosy Manali, you reach the plains of Spiti and as you go past Rohtang La, you also see the hordes of adventure lovers indulging in their favourite sport. The steep mountains, the valleys, the monasteries and the fun weather make your cycling trips in Himachal Pradesh quite memorable, challenging and thrilling.

5. Sikkim 

Photo by Saran Chamling, CC BY-ND 2.0

A cycling trip across Sikkim and beyond are for the adventure loving cyclists and since the terrains are quite difficult, only expert cyclists will be able to cover the different routes in Sikkim. One route that is quite adventurous and exciting is the ride from Kalimpong to Zuluk via Gangtok. The route covers a distance of 88 kms and it will take 6 to 7 days to cover it. The best part of this route is that you not only get to see the beauty of nature but along the way, you also get acquainted with the culture and history of the place and you may even get to hear and be a part of many spirited stories of the people. This route once connected India and Tibet and was a thriving route for traders.  You have to cycle past hairpin bends to reach Zuluk which is quite hair-raising experience as well.

There are other places like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat that also has some great cycling routes. Cycling trips may take you out of your comfort zone but they offer a learning experience of a life time.

Author Bio:

Rohit is an ardent traveler and is always on his toes to pen down his experiences. You can read his amazing stories on Trans India Travels.

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